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To call Cess Black an artist would be accurate, but understated. She’s a creative conceptual visionary, a passionate and prolific writer/producer of film and music, an avid audiophile, and all-around prototype of untapped talent waiting to be unearthed. In short, Cess Black is real, and she’s ready.

Born and raised on Chicago’s lawless Southeast Side (South Shore, or “Terrortown” as the locals refer to it) Cess began writing in the third grade, where her gritty, realistic urban-themed stories would always evolve into skits and plays performed in front of various audiences, mostly her teachers and school-aged peers who encouraged her to continue writing “the good stuff”. Throughout adolescence and beyond, Cess has always displayed her imaginative talents through various dance and theatrical performances, creative writing projects, and entrepreneurship endeavors, but her heart stayed true to writing.  Cess’s  approach to writing exciting, realistic fiction comes from personal experiences and observations in the world around her. Her passion for realism in her writing compels her to create functional, entertaining stories which people can relate to. Cess’s philosophy is, “Stay true to yourself, and write from the heart. The story will follow.”

Cess returned to school and obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology, but becoming a professional writer seemed most important in her life.  Cess got the chance to prove her writing chops in 2012 when she was approached about an old script she’d written for a former writing partner, John Wayne S. III. Even with a grueling grad school and work schedule, Cess managed to complete the first draft in twelve days and finished out the semester with a 4.0 GPA… and then she quit school to pursue writing full-time once she received her first check as a professional writer for Londyn Town Pictures. Since joining Londyn Town, Cess has completed her first feature film, Red All Over, as well as assisting with writing and producing other film and music projects.

Cess now considers herself a bona-fide professional in the writing game and currently resides in Chicago with her loyal Shih-Poo, Lola, loves a great road trip, creating culinary masterpieces, laughing the loudest, top shelf whiskey, and record shopping, but is willing to relocate if Oprah calls.